Some Amazing USB Gadgets

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It’s safe to say that the development of the USB port – that’s the little hole you plug a cable in to upload pictures from your phone onto your laptop – has made life a lot easier. It can be used for the aforementioned uploading, for charging your phone – and some other items – and more, so what are these amazing USB gadgets we speak of? Well, they cover a wide range of uses, some for fun and some for practical use, and they are generally affordable and usable. We took a look at some of the best USB gadgets on the market, so you can see just how practical that little port can be.

USB Microscope

Why would you want a USB microscope? Why wouldn’t you – they are great fun, and they allow you to see images of tiny items on your computer screen in amazing high definition. It’s a much more practical way of using a microscope, and they are used widely in schools and colleges as well as in many homes. They are educational – the kids will love it – and we feel sure you will find a USB microscope to be much more usable than you might have thought!

USB Endoscope

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the medical tool, but a similar take on the theme for use around the home or in the garage. This is a very small camera, with LED lights for use in dark places, connected to long, flexible lead that plugs into your USB port. It allows you to see into awkward places and present the image on your computer screen. They are used as a practical application by mechanics, for example, who need to look into the awkward to reach parts of the engine, and by plumbers and electricians for practical purposes, too. What’s more, even if you don’t have a direct use for one, they are so cheap you should get one anyway – you never know when it might come in useful!

USB Soldering Iron

While the above two are used to examine things, this one has a different purpose entirely. If you have ever used a soldering iron you will know how useful they are, and the USB version is a very clever development of the traditional design. The difference is that they use the power available from your USB port to heat the element, and as some come with adapters for mini or micro USB ports, they can be used in conjunction with a table, too, so are extremely versatile.

If you want to know more about these fun and practical gadgets, and many more items, we recommend you check out, a great website with in-depth reviews of all of the above, including the top ten of each with pros and cons and advice on what you should expect to pay. It’s a great site, and one with some interesting items, so why not check it out now, and get yourself one of these fun and useful USB gadgets.

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