about-me-3Hello, or should I say ‘Sveiki’? That’s ‘Hello’ in Latvian. My name’s Will Springfield which is as un-Latvian a name as you can imagine. There’s always a story behind something like that and in this instance, that’s the case.

I was born in the UK about 26 years ago and lived there for a while with my folks. But my mum was from Latvian parents and she had a great desire to see what it was like back in the old country. Her grandma had passed away and her mother was sick, so she felt like she had return. So dad  thought, ‘Why not?’ and we upped stumps and headed back to mum’s home. My father’s work is international and he didn’t really worry about which airport he was flying in and out of.

You’re asking how did I cope with that? Terribly at first. You can imagine. All my friends were in England, we all spoke English, had our favourite football team, and mucked about with each other at both school and home. When I say ‘all my friends’, I’m not talking 20 or 30, I was a bit geeky, so I had two or three real close mates with whom we would play computer games, fix electronic gadgets and speak a techie language that most others didn’t really understand.

We’ve been back to England a few times to visit dad’s family, but after the peace and quiet here, I’m usually pretty keen to get back. I am always in contact with Steve and Oscar, my best school buddies. It’s very easy with technology these days. Press a button, start chatting. You can contact me here: https://twitter.com/willeespring

Anyway, here I am in Daugavpils, Latvia, still doing techie things, and loving it. The city I am in is a bit like the UK going back 40 or 50 years, but it has that quaint atmosphere about it and something I really, really like – I’m the only one in the city that knows a lot about computers and electronic stuff! How to repair it and how to set it up. That makes me much loved and awesomely popular with a lot of the businesses around here.

My Latvian friends didn’t see a future in electronics and gadgetry, so many of them went back to the family farms, or studied Law and Medicine and Business degrees. They all ask me at times to fix stuff. J Facebook has been a great way for us to stay in touch. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013948951140

I have a small business called “PC Rescue” and through it I sell, repair and generally fiddle with computers and other popular gadgets. As well as doing that, I started this website to do reviews of items, and eventually to make money from it by selling advertising, maybe open an Amazon online store. The possibilities are endless. Hopefully I can post reviews onto YouTube as well. Another project.


I feel it’s my duty to drag the citizens of Daugavpils along with me on the technology road that everybody else seems to be enjoying. Stick with me, I am sure I will have some amazing stuff to share with you. Check me out on Google as well: https://plus.google.com/u/0/118328565065466191943