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There is no shame in being a smoker

The fact that smoking is bad for your health is non-debatable. There are plenty of studies that show that smoking can lead to all sorts of illnesses and diseases later on in life. With this in mind, it is understandable that many governments are keen to reduce the amount of smokers in society to reduce the strain that such bad health might have on health services. It is also completely agreeable that children should not be encouraged to smoke and most people would share the opinion that campaigns to reduce underage smoking are a positive thing.

Despite this, the fact remains that smoking is still a very popular hobby among adults. These may be people that have smoked their whole lives or alternatively might be people that are new to the trend. Smokers are not necessarily addicts that cannot shake the habit. They are not always people that are too weak to quit. Clearly, many of those that smoke do so because they enjoy it, and as long as they are not inflicting this habit on anyone else, there really is no problem with it.

However, you will find, that many smokers often feel humiliated or ashamed when they are asked if they smoke. This is an unfortunate circumstance which makes the whole hobby feel extremely unreasonable and smokers very often feel alienated and isolated from communities.

This situation poses an important question: why should people feel bad for enjoying a hobby like this?

A growing industry

Although newspapers are often littered with articles claiming just how bad for you smoking really is, what they frequently neglect to point out is that smoking is actually a growing industry. In a recent article that sought to demonise smoking further, the Guardian (a British newspaper) was accurate in claiming that smoking is in fact a 45 billion dollar industry.

This should go some way to helping smokers feel like they are not alone. Across the world, tobacco and cigarettes are a booming business. It seems only fair then that smokers should be allowed to celebrate and enjoy their hobby and stop the demonisation of the habit.

Where to go for advice on products

With all of this in mind, there are actually several tobacco advocating companies that want to support this controversial hobby. They are businesses that will not judge you for smoking and instead, provide an excellent array of tobacco related accessories.

The Smoke Cartel is a humble business that provide a vast range of glassware to support and upgrade your smoking experience. They claim to have good service, good products and good people.

The Smoke City is an Australian based company that provide a huge catalogue of different equipment, with many of it being home crafted and unique. Luckily, they also provide worldwide shipping.

Like the smokers themselves, these companies enjoy smoking and want to share their products with the world. If you are already a smoker, these businesses would encourage you to not be ashamed of your hobby and to celebrate and enjoy it to the full.

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