Apple for the thief at Christmas

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A research by Aviva insurance company showed that 8 out of 10 stolen things during Christmas time are Apple devices.


The company decided to take the statistics of theft claims for December, 2014. After they looked through the papers, it turned out that iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices were the most frequently mentioned.

The #1 item was iPhone 5s, the #2 became Macbook Pro with a 13-inch screen. In the TOP-10 stolen items there were three models of iPhones, three – of iPads, and two of the laptops of the same company. The two other items were also laptops – one from Asus and one from HP.

Before iPhones came to the market and became a religion, the most popular item to steal was PlayStation 2 by Sony, according to the December 2004 statistics. There were also five computer games in the list, and the last in the TOP was a DVD with the Bridget Jones’s Diary movie.

Simon Warsop, Aviva’s chief underwriting officer, said: “The past 10 years have seen a big change in the type and cost of presents given at Christmas. Expensive phones, tablets and laptops are now the must-have items. But this kind of high value, small size tech is exactly what thieves are looking for.

Aviva notes that homeowners are much less likely to be burgled on Christmas Day — household theft claims are 60 per cent lower than average — but claims increase to 8 per cent higher than average on New Year’s Eve.

“Thieves will take advantage of empty houses, party noise and fireworks as people celebrate late into the night on New Year’s Eve,” said Mr Warsop.

The insurer also revealed that Christmas is a conflicting time for car claims. In the week up to Christmas Day car claims increase by 20 per cent compared with other days in December as people make last-minute dash to the shops. However, the days between Christmas and New Year have the lowest number of car accidents in the year.

Car thieves also appear to take some time off over Christmas with the five safest days for motor theft between Christmas Day to December 29, Aviva said.

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