ARM’s latest chip lifts phone power

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The biggest tech group in Britain, ARM, has developed a design that will boost all new smartphones and virtual reality devices dramatically.


The designer of the new chip who bases in Cambridge, says the next year’s new expensive smartphones will be working on Cortex-A73 chips. This element will improve the performance of the devices, which will prevent them from slowing down fast and will not need additional actions (like screen dim) to save battery.

ARM is considered the biggest graphics chips release company, as these elements are the most popular parts for modern smartphones and tablets. The growth of the company is dramatic, with 750 million shipped items of their Mali designs, in comparison to 50 million devices in 2011.

The new graphics chip — the Mali-G7I — will enable mobile devices to have more powerful semiconductors than laptops for the first time.

Smartphone and tablet makers are racing to increase the appeal of their devices, which means that chip companies have to provide additional processing power without draining battery or making it overheat. In addition, the manufacturers have to accommodate the fact that the typical smartphone is 45 per cent thinner than in 2010.

The chip, and others designed by Imagination Technologies, will also be crucial in providing the computing power needed for virtual reality headsets. Virtual reality has enjoyed a renaissance with computing power catching up with the technology’s possibilities. Companies including HTC, Samsung and Facebook’s Oculus Rift will launch headsets this year.

Virtual reality landscapes have to adapt instantly as a user turns their head or focuses on specific images, requiring substantial power. Imagination has built a processing technology that allows animations to reflect light and shadow as they would in the real world.

About 75 billion ARM chips have been shipped since the company was founded in 1990, including 25 billion in the past two years.

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