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Calorie Counting App – Accessible Fitness Assistant for You

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In these modern days, technology continues to grow and evolve. As a symbol of change and progress, it provides several influences and benefits in almost all aspects and areas of our own lives. On the other hand, being completely dependent on technology may cause a negative influence in terms

Selfie payment app lets you shop with a smile

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People who love making selfies will be probably using their “skills” for something more than posting pictures on the Internet. A Selfie Pay application will make it possible to verify the identity by taking a photo, so you will even be able to confirm a payment using it.

Facebook’s app and video drives advance

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Facebook quarterly profit and revenue index has beaten all the forecasts by the Wall Street specialists. The mobile app of the company has just attracted quite a bunch of new advertisers, which made those already operating within Facebook spend more not to lose popularity.

Sperm bank offers ‘order a daddy’ app

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While genetic engineering is still not used around the world due to a number of reasons, British women can select a dad for their future children by the physical characteristics now.

Mobile app detects tremors to save lives in earthquakes

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Scottish scientists have developed a special mobile application that can make the death toll from earthquakes less dramatic.