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How Is the Real Estate Market in Texas?

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Introduction Texas is one of the top five fastest-growing states in the US. It became known due to its sunny weather, mouthwatering beef brisket, and the healthy job market. Our research shows that residents in Texas enjoy a lower cost of living than in any other place in the

How to Optimize Your Images to Load Faster

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The time it takes your website to load can affect several important metrics, including traffic, bounce rate, conversions and even search rankings. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce a site’s load times, beginning with image optimization for the web and for WordPress websites. Save in The Right Format The

Why Should Start-ups Use Managed IT Services?

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The common image of a start-up is one run on a combination of coffee fumes and raw determination, with costs kept as low as possible and founders working their hardest around the clock to create a viable business. However, you shouldn’t let this image get in the way of

How to Fund Your Trip around the World

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Whatever you may have heard, traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to do to reach your goal and take a trip around the world is to be smart. Make it your business to travel, and be proactive about it. Look for ingenious ways to both save

I put a clean-up program into hard drive to make our computers greener

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Paul Maher is featured in Death by Design – the US documentary that researches the electronic industry around the world and the cost of its usage to our environment. This topic is very close to Maher who have developed a computer with a wooden casing, winning multiple awards around