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What interior design style are you? The exciting new trends of 2019 and how to bring them into your home!

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Design styles are always coming and going, but part of being an interior designer is staying on top of trends or adapting to changes in trends when they happen. Many trends don’t go away completely after time—they just adapt to new elements and décor options. This brief overview of

How to Get a High Efficiency Gas Furnace

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Homeowners are striving to spend less on energy bills by optimizing the energy resources. With the evolution of technology, people have a wide variety of gas furnace with advanced, efficient and optimum fuel consumption features.  It is a right size and the highest rating furnace that can produce the

Why hi-tech home comforts may not be so smart after all

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The boom of smart home appliances has to be striking us by now, but many people still don’t get it. Fridges with the Internet connection, smart lights, and automatic vacuums seem to fail to impress many ordinary people. Is it a tech geeks fault? Did they plan everything too

The science of the quieter home appliance

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Have you ever thought how noisy your house is with all the appliances you have there? A home needs to be a relaxing place where we can have some rest after a tiring day in the world full of noises.

Rise of the now you see it, now you don’t kitchen

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Want your kitchen to look like it has never been used before? You have a chance to make your dream come true with the new device that conceals taps, sinks, and kitchen appliances. This creates an image of uninterrupted workspace, which is a good option to have when there’s