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Droids you’re looking for

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Android devices go much farther than iPhones, starting with bigger batteries and more place to store files, and finishing with the technologies like fingerprint scanner. Let’s look at some of the most popular Android phones to clarify the situation.

Scientists strike gold in quest to extract precious metals from old mobile phones

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Scientists have developed a technology of extracting gold from electronic scrap like old mobiles. This can help them get tons of gold from simple waste that was deemed useless until now.

ARM’s latest chip lifts phone power

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The biggest tech group in Britain, ARM, has developed a design that will boost all new smartphones and virtual reality devices dramatically.

Smartphones keeping us up at night

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Smartphones had to become our assistants, helping us being always updated with the latest news, and having all the necessary tools in one device. However, most users have been imprisoned by their smartphones and tablets, being distracted by them day and night.