Facebook’s app and video drives advance

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Facebook quarterly profit and revenue index has beaten all the forecasts by the Wall Street specialists. The mobile app of the company has just attracted quite a bunch of new advertisers, which made those already operating within Facebook spend more not to lose popularity.

The last year’s mobile advertising revenue part was 76% of the whole ad revenue of the social media communities. This year the index rose to 84% which is quite impressing, as the money equivalent to that is $6.2 billion. The income of the net jumped from $719 million to $2.1 billion in the second quarter.

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said that he and the team working on the website are proud of their progress. Involving video technologies is now the basics of all Facebook-related services.

Due to all this, the shares of the group have also rose by 6.7% that is equivalent to $131.48. The company has also reported an increased visitors number, counting 1.7 billion in June. This is also impressing, comparing the index of  1.5 billion a year earlier.  Daily average users of the social media website in June were 1.1 billion — a 17 per cent increase over the same month in 2015.

Tom Bailey, regional vice-president of Marin Software, said: “Mobile has played a vital role in Facebook’s current success. More than 91 per cent of Facebook’s audience regularly uses mobile, and 84 per cent of ad spend coming from mobile reflects this.”

Mr Bailey added: “The monetisation of Instagram has been key to Facebook’s continued success. Instagram’s mobile-first approach makes it hugely popular with consumers and it’s widely understood that Instagram is now more profitable than Twitter.”

Facebook has been a main beneficiary of the move by advertisers away from TV to the internet and mobile platforms.

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