How to Fund Your Trip around the World

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Whatever you may have heard, traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to do to reach your goal and take a trip around the world is to be smart. Make it your business to travel, and be proactive about it. Look for ingenious ways to both save and spend the money you have, and you just might learn how to fund your trip around the world.

Think with Your Wallet

A common misconception among people who want to travel the world is that you need to spend a lot in order to do that. What you really need to do is to think with your wallet. Finding the best flight might mean booking in advance, or waiting for last-minute deals. You can explore the internet and find interesting services like TravelPay, that allow you to divide the full price of your trip into installments. Not to mention, couchsurfing, finding cheap apartments instead of the usual hotel room, and looking for sights and events in the places you visit that are free of charge.

Save Money Back Home

Funding your trip can be as easy as saving money back home. Since, you are planning to stay away from home for quite a while, you might consider getting a smaller apartment. This can split your monthly costs by half, leaving more money to finance your travels. Ultimately, you can sell off your home and possessions, and become a tenant. The initial money you get can be stretched out to fund at least half of your trip, while you don’t have the additional financial burden of paying bills somewhere you won’t be living for years to come.

Work & Travel

You can travel great distances, if you choose to work abroad. From teaching English or surfing, to waiting or working at a hostel, you finance your world trip at your next destination. There’s always some kind of work to be found wherever you go, be it part-time or on a project. You can even volunteer, as most volunteering jobs give you food and shelter in exchange for work, while you still have time to explore your destination after-hours.

Get a Travel Job

Live the nomadic lifestyle of a globetrotter by choosing a profession that requires travel. When it comes to earning money from a travelling job, the two most popular options are becoming a flight attendant, or finding a job on a cruise ship. Small airline companies are popping all over the world, and need to hire new staff. The best thing is you get the benefit of flying for free. As for cruises, your job is essentially traveling the high seas, and exploring the places where your ship weighs its anchor.

Become a Freelancer

Fund your travels from anywhere in the world by freelancing. Becoming a freelancer is easy, all you need to do is sell your unique skills for cash. Freelance economy is on the rise, meaning jobs, like writing, photography, web development and computing, are abundant. By working at places like Upwork or Freelancer, you have the freedom to work from a beach in Bali, a local pub in Ireland, or anywhere else, while still receiving a paycheck you can spend on your next destination.

Spend less time thinking about traveling, and travel. Be proactive, make decisions based both on your desires and your wallet, and find the best and cheapest means to fund your journey. You will be pleasantly surprised when you realize a trip around the world isn’t far away.

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