How to Get a High Efficiency Gas Furnace

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Homeowners are striving to spend less on energy bills by optimizing the energy resources. With the evolution of technology, people have a wide variety of gas furnace with advanced, efficient and optimum fuel consumption features.  It is a right size and the highest rating furnace that can produce the optimum amount of heat at a lower price.

What furnace can be good-for-nothing regarding energy consumption

If you find your Gas furnace doesn’t have an electronic ignition, two-stage heating, second heat exchanger instead has a standing pilot light or other outdated options; it will utilize a lot of energy than a modern gas furnace.

A unit’s AFUE’s percentage indicates the gas fired furnace efficiency.  AFUE, annual fuel utilization efficiency, shows the percentage of energy produced after evaluating the consumption of fuel energy.  Standard efficient furnaces have an AFUE of 80%, and high-efficiency furnaces have an AFUE of 90%. According to Pickhvac, With latest furnaces, the combustion gases diverted to condensing process, in which gases condensed to water extracted by the secondary exchanger. As a result of this process, the AFUE percentage is optimized, and furnace uses resources at maximum extent.

What components make Furnace the most efficient

Electronic Ignition:

Now Furnaces have ignition integrated possibly to let the consumer use them when required, and it is only used when you would like to turn on the furnace. This innovation has helped to optimize energy instead of keeping it on all the time with a small flame.

Two Stage Heating

In some places, there could be drastically drop in temperature from day to day. For places with inconsistent and apparent winter, furnace with two-stage heating features has proven to be very efficient. The lower stage burns less energy and it is an ideal option in general winter days, but the furnace can be switched to a higher stage can be used when there is an extreme significant cold out, because of which more heat is required.

Second Heat Exchanger

Any latest furnace with an AFUE of above 90 percentage rating has the gas condensing technology, which uses second heat exchanger to generate heat from the exhaust gases. This technology, in turn, consumes less fuel and generate more heat.

Flexible Speed Blower

Blower speed can be adjusted at any given time depending upon the temperature. When the blower sensor detects more air is required, it switches to high speed, and when less heat and air is necessary, it turns to lower speed.

Sealed Combustion

A modern furnace has sealed combustion, like from Lennox Elite series, utilized outside air through a plastic pipe to possibly conserve fuel and take safety measures. The older models conversely used to consume air from around the house.

If you are planning to buy a new furnace, the right way to determine the right size of furnace are through Manual J heating and cooling load evaluation, using manufacturer software. You can ask the contractors to install a furnace with 95% of AFUE, and these models come in 46,000 BTU/hr models or a 69,000 BTU/hr. 60,000 BTU per hour models were the older furnace which consumes more fuel.

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