At last – a good video game film

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The films like Super Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat, Warcraft, Street Fighter, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider were all written based on the plots of games. Most of them aren’t considered very successful, but there’s not much time to wait for a really good big-screen video game adaptation.

Michael Fassbender plays the main role in the upcoming movie based on the game Assassin’s Creed. Fassbender’s character is a criminal of our time that is placed into the mind of his ancestor who lived 500 years ago during the Spanish Inquisition. The ancestor turns up to be a highly-trained, blade-flashing assassin of that time.

The movie is directed by Justin Kurzel, who has already worked along with Fassbender on the Macbeth movie. The supporting actors are Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, and other, which makes the movie even more wait-worthy.

Willy Wonka comeback

Oompa Loompa doo-ba-dee-do, whether you did or didn’t miss them, there is another movie about the great Willy Wonka coming out. All over Hollywood A-list actors are undoubtedly brushing up on their “kooky” and their “zany” after Warner Bros acquired the rights to the Willy Wonka intellectual property from the Roald Dahl estate.

Which means that, after Gene Wilder immortalised the role and Johnny Depp added a dollop of Michael Jackson to his interpretation in 2005, the gauntlet has been thrown down before a new generation of scenery-chewers (Shia LaBeouf? Eddie Redmayne? Tom Hardy?) With the heavy-hitting Harry Potter producer David Heyman already on board, and franchise plans surely in the bag, one thing’s for sure — this Willy is going to be big.

Double trouble for Trump

Not one but two Donald Trump documentaries are racing to the box office: Michael Moore in TrumpLand, a recording of Moore’s stand-up show in Ohio, which premiered in 2016 in New York, and Anthony Baxter’s You’ve Been Trumped Too, the follow-up to his 2011 documentary, You’ve Been Trumped.

The New York Times found the Moore film “tepid”, lacking his usual confrontational wit, while Variety described the title as “false advertising”, it being less about Trump and more about Moore’s conversion to Hillary Clinton’s camp.

Baxter’s previous film showed the unfortunate effects on the local area of Trump’s new golf course at Balmedie in Aberdeenshire; the new documentary investigates farmers’ loss of water supply following the creation of the golf course. Doesn’t sound scintillating but anything with Trump in it must have a few laughs.

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