Switched on to the best deals

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If you ask your parents about the old days of personal devices, you won’t hear about tiny phones and iPads. You will hear about huge boxes with metal parts that needed to be connected to one another and the apocalyptic noises from pushing the “On” button.

Desktop PC makers ‘must innovate or be forced out’

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The situation of a PC world isn’t in its best condition nowadays, as the biggest companies are out of new ideas. They need to develop and implement something new and innovative or they will be forced out until 2020.

ARM’s latest chip lifts phone power

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The biggest tech group in Britain, ARM, has developed a design that will boost all new smartphones and virtual reality devices dramatically.

Smartphones keeping us up at night

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Smartphones had to become our assistants, helping us being always updated with the latest news, and having all the necessary tools in one device. However, most users have been imprisoned by their smartphones and tablets, being distracted by them day and night.

Users let down by Microsoft upgrade

Many Microsoft clients are getting frustrated with the new Windows update that somehow became mandatory. Some computers just stop working after the update, which isn’t the best thing both for the company and for the customers.