Selfie payment app lets you shop with a smile

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People who love making selfies will be probably using their “skills” for something more than posting pictures on the Internet. A Selfie Pay application will make it possible to verify the identity by taking a photo, so you will even be able to confirm a payment using it.

The app is being developed by MasterCard as a step to the future without password and boring PINs towards the usage of biometric technologies. The customers who will be using the app will have to blink in order to confirm the payment to avoid other people holding photos in front of the camera.

Lieberman Software representative Jonathan Sander said the name of the app is just what they need, as there is no necessity to explain people the principle of the app’s work. It also has a number of other advantages like the fact that stealing a face is much more difficult than stealing a PIN. Besides, you can’t forget your face as you can forget any password, which makes the app a really good idea.

The scheme has been trialled in the US, Canada and the Netherlands and MasterCard said nine out of ten people involved in the pilot schemes preferred it to passwords. The app is available now but cardholders won’t be able to pay by selfie until MasterCard forms partnerships with banks. HSBC is also trialling selfie verification.

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