Swap your old gadgets for store vouchers to cut waste

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If you have any old devices, working or broken, that you don’t need, you can exchange them now for something more useful. You can clean your house from unnecessary gadgets with the first instant trade-in service for electronic devices in Britain.

People can exchange their working or broken old gadgets for gift cards of Argos. Then they can go to any brand shop in the town and buy new devices for themselves. Argos are running this campaign along with the government-supported waste reduction company – Wrap.

According to the statistics, there are unused devices that all worth £1 billion lying at homes. They can have a great value if properly recycled, but many of them are just thrown away due to the lack of possibility to sell them.

Wrap has done a survey, according to which 2/3 of British would trade their old gadgets with reliable companies. There are several postal schemes currently operating but those who send their gadgets often have to wait several days or weeks for payment. Wrap believes this deters many from doing so.

The new service from Argos will initially accept mobile phones and tablet computers. If it proves successful, it will be extended to other electronic items such as cameras, sat-navs and laptops.

The items will be sent to West One Technology, which specialises in recycling mobile phones. It will delete all the data on the gadgets, refurbish and resell them.

Many will go to insurance companies, which will send them to customers making claims for damaged devices. Argos said that the gadgets that could not be re-used would be “responsibly recycled for parts”.

Last year, 41.8 million tonnes of electronic items were disposed of globally, up from 33.8 million tonnes in 2010.

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