What interior design style are you? The exciting new trends of 2019 and how to bring them into your home!

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Design styles are always coming and going, but part of being an interior designer is staying on top of trends or adapting to changes in trends when they happen. Many trends don’t go away completely after time—they just adapt to new elements and décor options.

This brief overview of 2019’s hottest design styles will show you what has changed in each style and what you can do to stay up-to-date. Let’s dive right in!


Minimalist has been one of the hottest trends over the past couple of decades, and nothing changes this year. It’s still a very popular décor style, but there are some misconceptions and updates as to what is acceptable in a minimalistic-styled room.

It was a popular belief that a minimalist design automatically comes with a cold or frigid feeling, but now designers are opening their arms wide to minimalist décor that is warm and inviting. In 2019, you should look to expand your definition of the minimalist style and make it more approachable in your designs.


The Rustic style is a very long standing and popular one with its charm and variety of options for accessories. It also tends to be a much more approachable style and easier to achieve.

One of the rising trends in the rustic décor space is the infusion of modern elements. This wouldn’t seem like a good combination, but designers who use this method are enjoying some stunning results. A room that is designed in the rustic style doesn’t have to be all natural and rugged elements. You can certainly have fun combining rustic décor with other rising styles!

Shabby Chic

This is one of the design styles that the industry is getting pretty excited about. After fading into somewhat obscurity, Shabby Chic is definitely making a comeback. Though it is a bit of a niche style that not everyone will love, it is beautiful when executed correctly.

With deep roots in French décor and antique design, Shabby Chic allows you to have fun with your design while also including some elements that you wouldn’t be able to use in many other styles. The combination of the laid back tone with traditional décor is really a pleasure to watch unfold.

Mid-Century Modern

We are convinced that this timeless style will never die! It remains one of the most widely-used and popular styles out there and it’s not particularly difficult to pull off.

If you haven’t ever tried Mid-Century Modern elements, 2019 is a great year to start. For some great Mid-Century Modern ideas and décor, check out Design Premier!


Several different styles are surging in 2019, while others are adapting. You really can’t go wrong with any of the styles that we listed, but just be sure to stay up-to-date on trends and always be exploring different ways that you can put your own spin on styles or even combine styles if that sounds fun to you!